Mickiewicz Arbor Experts
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  •  Hazard Tree ASSESSMENT & Mitigation:

    • Our goal is to preserve your trees and maintain their health and beauty. Our NJ Licensed Tree Expert will inspect and evaluate the health of your trees. Recognizing structural defects and recommending corrective measures so your trees are safer and longer lived. Using Cabling, Bracing, corrective structural pruning and resistograph testing to determine the extent of decay.

  • Tree & stump removals

    • We believe tree removal should be a last resort. However, it is needed in certain situations.. We can help you decide if a tree needs to be removed.. Whatever the size or location our arborist are trained in the latest techniques using state-of-the-art equipment to remove your tree safely & efficiently.

    • Stumps can be unsightly and a potential hazard let us help you restore your property by safely removing your stumps.

  • Tree Trimming and Pruning

    • Proper tree pruning is not only an art requiring years of experience and a full understanding of the natural growth patterns of the tree, but also a science. Proper pruning is essential and should address the safety, structure, health, and beauty of your trees. Making proper cuts of branches that have died or have broken in a storm or just need to be removed is an absolute necessity to insure proper closure of wounds of trees after pruning. Incorrect pruning wounds are a major cause of tree problems. Our initial evaluation of your property carefully considers the needs of you and your trees. All pruning is performed in compliance with industry standards provided by the International Society of Arboriculture.  Pruning of trees is not just something that should be done when a branch has died or broken off because of storm damage.  It is a necessary part of tree maintenance.

  • Organic Tree & Shrub Care

    • While it is important to address insect & larger issues. Every property is unique and different.We start with an initial site analysis to help identify potential limiting factors which could compromise the health of the trees and landscape. A customized program is then developed. Designed to improve the growing condition, maximizing their health, while meeting the needs and budget of our clients.

  • Soil Health Programs

    • Our soil health programs can be apart of our Organic Tree & Shrub Care or separate. Healthy plants starts with healthy soils. However, there is more to soil health then just adding fertilizer. Because of the lack of nutrient recycling, (leaves, tree branches trunks and other tree and plant parts) which occurs in a natural forest system, most urban soils have become nutrient deficient, compacted and biologically, inactive. Our unique and comprehensive approach aims to improve soil and plant health. We start with a detailed soil analysis to determine the growing conditions of the plant and overall health of the soil. We then develop a customized program which addresses these structural and biological aspects, as well as our clients goals and budget.



    • While we offer 100% Organic lawn care some customers require other conventional treatments. Our hybrid program incorporates mostly organic practices but will use conventional treatments when necessary (to treat pre-emergent crab grass and spot weed control).

    • Because of the growing concerns with the use of chemicals in conventional lawn care, we wanted to offer an alternative solution to help our clients reduce or completely eliminate synthetic chemicals and fertilizers.