Frequently asked questions


How Do i hire an arborist?

  • Hiring an Arborist deserves thorough consideration. Professionally maintained trees can add considerable value to your property. An Unqualified individual can drastically shorten the lifespan of trees, causing them to be a liability and ultimately decreasing the value of your property.

  • Be sure the company has the appropriate licenses, insurance, and certifications. Some municipalities require special permits, insurance, and certifications for all practicing Arborist in the community

  • In New jersey, a Licensed Tree Expert, must also pass a rigorous 2 part exam demonstrating they are proficient in the art and science of tree care.

  • Good Tree work is not cheap. Professionals must carry several kinds of insurance, have expensive specialized equipment, and pay for the cost of training.

  • In New Jersey, It’s the law that all contractors preforming tree work must be licensed by the state. It is the homeowners responsibility to only hire tree contractors who are licensed.


Why is my tree dying?

  • The Single most common problem facing your trees and landscape in our urban environment is poor soil health. Because of the lack of nutrient recycling (leaves, branches, trunks and other whole plant parts) which occur naturally in a forest environment, most urban soils have become nutrient deficient, compacted and biologically inactive. This leads to pest problems, branch die back, premature decline and early death of our trees.

  • Most tree problems are due to incorrect growing conditions in the soil. These conditions are the result of incorrect planting and mulching, fill built up around the trunk, fill built up over the root system and the general poor quality and structure of urban soil. Deeply planted and buried trees and/or trees planted in compacted soils are more inclined to have girdling roots, pest problems, poor growth, decline and death.

Is this tree hazardous?

  • We can help define limiting factors to the long term health of your trees and landscape and help you determine the best course of action to help rectify them.

    • We can identify potential hazardous problems and recommend courses of preventative action.

    • We can assess the overall health of your trees and landscapes.

    • We can help survey your property for potential insect and disease problems.

    Or maybe you just moved into your new home and need help learning about the trees and shrubs on your new property and their proper care.

    We are the most comprehensive resource. Our New Jersey State Certified Tree Expertcan help design a program for healthy and safe trees and shrubs that will beautify your property for many years.


Why should i choose Organic?

  • Most companies rely heavily on large amounts of synthetic chemical fertilizers and pesticides . These chemicals can leach into our water supply, our homes, the bodies of our children and pets, and our environment. Children and pets are more vulnerable to chemical exposure because of their small size , developing organs, and their behavior such as playing on lawns and putting objects into their mouths.

  • Our goal was to find ways to reduce synthetic chemicals while still maintaining our customers expectations of an aesthetically pleasing lawn and landscape.